The Tempress HydroPull tool is the most powerful friction-breaking tool on the market. This tool incorporates a cycling valve that momentarily interrupts the flow to create water-hammer pressure pulses inside coiled or jointed tubing used in horizontal well interventions. The water-hammer effect generates traction forces that pull the tubing into the well at 20 ft/min (6 m/min) or more. These periodic pulses also vibrate the tubing, which reduces friction drag and extends the lateral reach of the tubing by delaying the onset of helical buckling and lockup.

The HydroPull tool is typically run above a downhole motor for milling applications. The HydroPull tool continues to set and break all existing records for extended reach applications. The tool is fully tunable for various impact levels and custom applications.

  • Pulls tubing into long tortuous wells 20 feet per minute or more
  • Completes multi-day extreme reach jobs without tripping
  • Increases lateral reach by more than 50%
  • Reduces friction drag and costly motor stall-outs, without chemicals

Motor Gas Separator (MGS™)

The Tempress Motor Gas Separator (MGS™) is the most effective downhole phase separator in the industry and is used to ensure good circulation in depleted wells. This tool incorporates a rotary drum separator that removes the gas from the commingled flow allowing the fluid to operate the downhole motor at the designed flow rate.

The MGS tool incorporates a gas orifice size that can be customized as needed to suit your well profile. This tool is commonly run in tandem with the Tempress HydroPull™ to accommodate a wide range of applications. The tool reduces or eliminates damage to the motor stator during commingled operations.

  • Ensures good circulation in depleted wells
  • High temperature compatible to more than 400°F
  • Powered by proprietary analysis software
  • Prevents stator damage by removing free nitrogen from the flow through the motor